Rémi Wyart Riso Print Portrait Rémi Wyart Riso Print Portrait
Rémi Wyart Riso Print Portrait Rémi Wyart Riso Print Portrait
Rémi Wyart

Rémi has deep, malicious blue eyes in which his creative and curious spirit is reflected. To some, he looks Flemish, but it is the Renaissance School that he admires and is inspired by.

Rémi subjugates us with his graphical interpretation of human nature. Anatomy becomes liberated, bodies find each other and intertwine, lines are unleashed, nature is revealed. Like a virtuoso, he juggles with shapes, shoots out light, plays with colors, and wields materials in a way that stuns us due to the realism and perfection of his pieces.

Far from following dictates, he is a gifted drawer attached to his freedom. What Rémi desires is to adapt his talents, evolve his practice, and use and create new techniques and mounts. From etching, drawing, silk-screen processes, and oil painting, his curiosity has led him to bring volume to his drawings which are embossed into noble materials such as wood, marble…

For Bureau Patio, Rémi created four pieces around the theme of vegetal anatomy. The woman imposes herself as a ‘demoiselle d’Hauteville’, a "Taeniola", or a "Flora". The anatomic drawing board has transformed into a vegetal allegory.

Rémi is a painter, artistic director, and illustrator, co-founder of La Manufacture de L’Empan. He is a graduate of l’ESAG Penninghen.